Speaking Youth to Power – Influencing Climate Policy at the United Nations

Mark Terry’s Speaking Youth to Power: Influencing Climate Policy at the United Nations, explores the theory, methods, and applications for successful youth climate activism and negotiation, including using documentary film to engage youth with UN policymakers regarding climate change and other environmental issues.

This book was published by Palgrave-MacMillan in October 2022 and is available for purchase through Barnes and Noble. It is part of the Palgrave Studies in Media and Environmental Communication series.



  1. Disruptive Voices. | 2. An Inconvenient Youth. | 3. Opening the Door to Negotiation. | 4. A Seat at the Table. | 5. The Direct Approach: A Participatory Framework for Meaningful Youth Engagement with UN Policymakers. | 6. The Emerging Role of Youth at UN Climate Summits. | 7. Lights! Camera! Action! – The Use of Film by Youth and the UNFCCC. | 8. Conclusion.


Barnes and Noble’s Overview of the book –

“This book examines the methods and approaches currently being taken by the global community of youth in influencing environmental policymakers of the United Nations. It is divided into two sections: The Groundswell Approach, exploring the use of social media and mass gatherings aimed at raising public awareness of the issue of climate change; and The Direct Approach, a participatory methodology that encourages collaboration directly with the policymaker and youth in the discussions and creation of progressive climate policy for the world. The book also delivers a detailed analysis of the United Nations’ only database of youth-produced documentary films related to climate change research, impacts, and proposed solutions: the Youth Climate Report, arguing that film is a powerful and effective communications tool for the policymaker. The book proposes two frameworks and explores their in-field applications for successful youth climate activism.”


“Youth movements have long influenced policy responses to social, political, and environmental change. Mark Terry provides a framework for understanding today’s crusades, especially their use of new media. Equally important, he offers an important practical guide for enlisting the perspective and energy of youth to address critical issues, notably the climate crisis. In a world facing momentous challenges, Speaking Youth to Power could not be more timely, valuable, or necessary.” David J. Bodenhamer, Professor of History and Informatics, Indiana University, Indianapolis.