After Mark Terry’s film The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning aired, he was approached to share some of his stunning footage for a film project entitled ‘Polar’ by Ian Jackson, which was to be projected onto a giant screen while the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra played the accompanying soundtrack. www.liverpoolphil.com

World Premiere of Polar at Liverpool Philharmonic.

As published by artinliverpool readers in January of 2011, regarding the film event, Polar.

“Norwegian cameraman and editor, Tor Even Mathisen is the latest addition to the crew of award-winning cinematographers who have created Polar, which makes its World première at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on January 8th, 2011. Polar features a stunning portrait of the polar kingdoms with a unique live orchestral soundtrack arranged by John Harle. Polar combines stunning HD footage from award-winning natural history filmmakers with live music performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, taking the audience on a magnificent journey to the Arctic and Antarctic regions of our planet.

Mathisen, who works at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), has contributed his original film of an Aurora borealis in the night sky over Tromsø in Norway to the concert.  The beautiful visuals will be married with a sublime live soundtrack performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to produce a mesmerizing cinematic experience. Mathisen’s time-lapse footage shows the vivid display of colours and sweeping, wave-like movements of the natural happening in all its splendour.”

See the stunning footage here… http://vimeo.com/16917950