SDG Global Action Festival Releases List of Speakers

The Sustainable Development Goals Action Festival outlines the 17 areas to work on and celebrates those who are succeeding in reaching the goals, on a local and global level, as well as the communicators of the world who share the messages and knowledge to help reach the goals. SDG Action Plan.

In addition to The Youth Climate Report Executive Director, Mark Terry, there are six youth climate reporters featured as speakers as well at the upcoming SDG award ceremony. See the criteria. The YCR is being recognized for:

Mobilizing young people across the world to report on climate research, impact and solutions within their communities through the power of film

Click this link to see a list of this year’s speakers and their bios.

All seven YCR speakers will be presented on the festival’s main stage, Friday, March 26 at 6:30 p.m. CET, (12:30 Eastern Standard Time).

Click here to see the films produced by the following young activist filmmakers.

KAI MILLEN, Filmmaker, LIFE Media (Australia)
Kai Millen is a Videographer, Photographer, and Creative Producer from North Queensland, Australia. His passion for adventure, extreme sports, and living life to the fullest fuels his inspiration when filmmaking and storytelling. He is the owner and operator of Life Media Productions, specializing in event videography and live streaming. Kai loves a challenge and is ready to seek out and explore every new opportunity that comes his way.
ERIEL LUGT, Filmmaker, Tuk-TV (Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories,  Canada)
Eriel Lugt is a young filmmaker among a group of Inuit filmmakers from “Tuk TV” including Carmen Kuptana, Nathan Kuptana, and Darryl Tedjuk. They made the film “Happening to Us”, which illustrates how climate change is affecting their community on the Arctic ocean. They are thrilled to have shown their film at COP 25 and to have it included in the Youth Climate Report.
KARLA CAJAS, Filmmaker, National Polytechnic School, (Ecuador)
Karla Cajas is a student of Economics and Finance at the National Polytechnic School (NPS) in Quito, Ecuador. Currently, she is a representative of the Teaching Council at the NPS and a teaching assistant in the Department of Social Sciences. She has participated in outreach projects within the NPS related to the rural economy and good living, and in the latest campaign to eradicate violence against women, carried out by the NPS’s Department of Quantitative Economics.
EMILY DIX & CONOR FITZGERALD, Filmmakers, Bygone Theatre (Toronto, Canada)
Emily Dix founded Bygone Theatre in 2012 with the view to bringing forgotten works back to the stage. Conor Fitzgerald joined as the Chair in 2015 and together they have made a foundational commitment to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals Action Plan. Their film project focuses on steps taken to implement the seventeen SDG goals in their theatre workspace, production, marketing, and more.
MONICA MONROY, Filmmaker (Colombia)
Mónica Tatiana Monroy Botero is from Bogota Colombia and is currently studying social communication. She’s always been interested in environmental protection issues since she believes it’s our obligation to protect and conserve our natural resources and ecosystems. Her film projects include: “Something bad is going to happen to the river”, a narrative short film based on the novel by Gabriel García Márquez. Currently, she carries out an initiative on Instagram called “Save our planet”, which seeks to make visible projects and institutions on environmental protection and ecological sustainability, so that people can participate as volunteers or make their contributions to the causes that they identify with.