Film Workshops

Dr. Terry holds film workshops for students who wish to make a mini-documentary suitable to populate the UN project, The Youth Climate Report. Videos made by participants in his filmmaking workshops are added to the evolving data delivery system.

See the following pages for examples of Activist Documentary Filmmaking for the United Nations: 

The Planetary Health Film Lab

Student Life Levy program “Activist Documentary Filmmaking for the United Nations” at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada saw eight students create mini-documentaries under the tutelage of Dr. Terry.

Dr. Terry provides workshops, training, and guidance to students creating 3 to 5-minute documentary films on the subject of climate change research. All videos are juried by Dr. Terry and the UN. Successful submissions will then be added to the more than 450 videos already pinned to The Youth Climate Report GIS map of the world representing climate research, impacts, and solutions on all seven continents. As Executive Director of the Youth Climate Report, Dr. Terry is uniquely positioned to train participants and facilitate getting student films in front of UN policymakers and world leaders.