Dr. Mark Terry’s long and varied background has contributed to him being a successful and sought-after communicator on many levels and subjects. His work as a professional writer dates back to his undergrad days when he worked full-time as an editor for the Toronto Sun while completing his Bachelor’s Degree in English at York University in 1980. Since then he has worked at writing and publishing his own national, controlled-circulation publication, Hollywood Canada Magazine, along with writing for commercial enterprises and reports; as well as plays, scripts for television, film, and documentaries including his polar trilogy, The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning, The Polar Explorer, and The Changing Face of Iceland. He also wrote the scripts for ‘We Stand on Guard’ a look at the Canadian military celebrating 100 years of service, Clive Barker – The Art of Horror, and other documentary and television projects.

Dr. Mark Terry - WriterHis many academic papers can be found on his C.V. He has written and given multiple speeches to delegates and world leaders at multiple UN climate summits where he presented his first two films followed by an ongoing multilinear GIS map creating a new form of documentary, called the Geo-Doc. Through his project known as The Youth Climate Report, Dr. Terry is keeping abreast of current issues and solutions depicted in student submissions of 3-minute videos, as well as by updates by research scientists worldwide, and the many other sources focused on climate change, and earth changes, eco-issues, policy and more.

He has been published by the world’s foremost academic publisher, Palgrave MacMillan in February 2020 with the release of The Geo-Doc: Geomedia, Documentary Film, and Social Change, followed by articles for Yale, Harvard, speeches written to address scientists and policymakers, and citizens around the world, both young and old.

During the early months, Amazon published Dr. Terry’s book of poetry entitled Pandemic Poetry, which shares his musings on the vast changes brought on by the COVID virus from personal, communal, and global points of view.

Dr. Terry’s form of communicating is greatly appreciated by his students who flock to his courses and this past year voted him the teacher of the year at York University. His engaging and affable approaches are often found in his writing. He strikes a happy medium in mixing scientific or academic terms so that all can understand the points he makes very well.